The Year to Come

As this New Year 2018 ushers in new opportunities and world-wide concerns, it is well to remember that history-making events don’t occur in a vacuum; they’re instigated by men and women chasing other ambitions or escaping from unsatisfactory conditions.  Christopher Columbus was looking for a sea passage Continue reading The Year to Come

Calling on Friends

fireworksFrom the Marysville Daily Herald, January 1858:  “The custom of paying and receiving New Year’s calls, which is of European origin, revived in this country by the New York Knickerbockers, was duly observed in Marysville. From an early hour in the day till late in the evening, the male portion of the population were constantly on the move and there were but few houses, either of the rich or the poor, whose doors were not open to receive visitors. Tables were spread with rich and tempting viands, and the ladies were all at home to do the honors. Outwardly, everything was done that could be done to please the eye, gratify the taste, and make the day a pleasurable one. How much of this was mere conventionality we will not pretend to determine. How many doors were open, when the hearts of the owners were shut, it is not for us to judge. We like the observance of the day, for it gives an opportunity to those who are so disposed to heal old differences—let bye-gones be by-gones—and to renew feelings of friendship and regard.”