The Golden State’s Golden Insect

Dog face butterflyPay rapt attention, for the California Dog-face Butterfly is a very fast flier that only opens its wings for a moment as it moves between flowers. The held-breath-lying-in-wait is worth it, though, for a fleeting glimpse of the wary male’s spectacular, pointed forewing.  With a lot of imagination, one can discern a yellow-gold pattern in the shape of a dog’s face against a black Continue reading The Golden State’s Golden Insect

California’s Golden Trout

Golden troutNamed the official state fish by act of the Legislature in 1947, the golden trout, a sub-species of the rainbow trout, is native only to California’s Golden Trout Creek, Volcano Creek and the South Fork of the Kern River.  Fish that survived powerful geologic forces over the past 1.5 million years and then were isolated in Continue reading California’s Golden Trout

California’s Official Animal

GrizzlyThe California grizzly (Ursus californicus), the largest and most powerful of land predators, once thrived 10,000 strong in the great valleys and low mountains of the state before Europeans arrived.  Although extinct in California since 1908, elsewhere they remain large and ferocious beasts. Adult females weigh 330 to 770 pounds Continue reading California’s Official Animal