California’s Great Seal

Great Seal of CaliforniaThe Greek word “Eureka,” translated as “I have found it,” has appeared on the state seal since 1849, when California’s first Constitutional Convention convened in Monterey preparatory to anticipated U. S. statehood — while news editors dubbed the immense population rush from around the globe to California’s gold fields the Golden Migration. The seal was Continue reading California’s Great Seal

The Infamous Squatter Riots

Sheriff badge 4

Vandalism and petty acts of violence had been escalating in Sacramento for months before finally erupting in bloodshed on August 14, 1850, at the corner of 4th and J Streets. The hotly contented issue was property rights, and emotions on both sides were Continue reading The Infamous Squatter Riots

Pioneer Governors: James Budd, 1895 – 1899

James Budd

In 1858, when James was only seven years old, the Budd family moved to California from Wisconsin, finally settling in Stockton three years later. Young James graduated with the first four-year class from the Continue reading Pioneer Governors: James Budd, 1895 – 1899

Pioneer Governors: Robert Waterman 1887-1891

Robert Waterman

Future California governor Robert Whitney Waterman was one of the lucky gold miners in 1850, netting $500 a day near the Feather and Yuba Rivers. Returning to his home in Illinois the following year, he became a Continue reading Pioneer Governors: Robert Waterman 1887-1891