The Pioneers: Charles Weber

The son of a Protestant minister, Weber was born in Germany in 1814, and educated by private tutors. In 1836 he journeyed to America to see an uncle who had immigrated to Illinois. Apparently he never made this visit, occupied instead by business ventures in New Orleans and an excursion to Texas to fight with Continue reading The Pioneers: Charles Weber

The Pioneers: Robert Semple

Considering the short time Robert Semple lived in California, he made several contributions to the development of the state. Born in Kentucky, he apprenticed as a printer and somehow learned enough about dentistry to practice. In 1845, aged 39 and widowed, he joined a group of ten adventurous men journeying to Continue reading The Pioneers: Robert Semple

The Pioneers: Thomas Oliver Larkin

A successful North Carolina shopkeeper by age 20 but broke by 28 when he returned to his native Boston, Thomas O. Larkin sailed to California laden with trading goods after learning that his half-brother John Rogers Cooper needed help in his California trading business. On shipboard with him was Rachel Hobson Holmes, a Continue reading The Pioneers: Thomas Oliver Larkin