Governor #3, Bigler

California’s third governor was a Pennsylvania native and self-educated lawyer who came west in 1849 with thousands of others during the Gold Rush. John Bigler  settled in Sacramento, where his kindness and selfless aid to sufferers during the 1850 cholera epidemic was widely applauded.  Until 1863, when the term limit Continue reading Governor #3, Bigler

Governor #2, McDougal

John McDougal was California’s lieutenant governor when Peter Burnett resigned after little more than one year in office. McDougal was sworn in on January 9, 1851, and served out Burnett’s two-year gubernatorial term through January 8, 1852. Born in Ohio in 1818, McDougal served in the Indiana Volunteer Continue reading Governor #2, McDougal

Governor #1, Burnett

Born in Tennessee, Peter Burnett was a lawyer living in Missouri before he migrated to Oregon in 1843 to “make a comeback” after a series of business losses. There, he became a judge on the Oregon Territory Supreme Court. News of the gold discovery lured him to California in 1848, where he mined at Long’s Bar on the Yuba Continue reading Governor #1, Burnett

The Governor’s Mansion

California governors lived in their own private homes until 1903, when the state purchased and furnished a property at the corner of Sixteenth and H Streets in Sacramento as a home for California’s first families. The multi-story, Victorian-era Italianate-style residence was built in 1877 by Albert and Clemenza Continue reading The Governor’s Mansion

Pioneer Governors: James Budd, 1895 – 1899

James Budd

In 1858, when James was only seven years old, the Budd family moved to California from Wisconsin, finally settling in Stockton three years later. Young James graduated with the first four-year class from the Continue reading Pioneer Governors: James Budd, 1895 – 1899