Founding San Jose

Now the largest city in northern California, San Jose was founded November 29, 1777, twenty years before Mission San Jose was built, as a farming community to provide food for Spain’s presidios in Monterey and San Francisco Bay. Its original name was El Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe (the Town of Saint Continue reading Founding San Jose

Durst Ranch Riot

During the 20th century California was a major producer of hops, that natural ingredient so essential to brewing beer. Before hop-picking machinery was invented in 1909 the mature, 18-foot-tall vines were harvested by hand during a six week period in the late summer, drawing hundreds of seasonal workers because it paid Continue reading Durst Ranch Riot

Commercial Wines at the Fair

Wine is big business in California. The Commercial Wine Competition at the State Fair, which judges entries to determine the best wines in the state, has been a tradition since the first state fair in 1854. Categories judged at the Fair range from dry white through red table wines to dessert wines, low-and de-alcoholized products, brandies, and flavored wines. Ribbons, awarded in each category, Continue reading Commercial Wines at the Fair

Livestock & Ag Machinery

The California State Fair continues what is now 164 years of tradition in recognizing the state’s farmers, ranchers, and related agricultural machinery. The Open Livestock and Junior Livestock competitions include: beef and longhorn cattle; sheep, swine, goats, dairy cattle and goats, pygmy goats, Nigerian Dwarf goats & Boer goats; llama and alpaca competitions. Awards are given for Continue reading Livestock & Ag Machinery