Secularization of the Missions

California  MissionTwo hundred and fifty years after Cortez claimed Mexico and the vast lands north of it for Spain, Franciscan padres financed by the Spanish Crown began colonizing the remote region then known as Alta California. They established Mission San Diego de Alcala, in July, 1769. Between then and 1823, a total of 21 mission churches formed outposts along the California coast from San Diego to Sonoma. The missions were secularized (transferred from church ownership to private parties) beginning in 1833, by order of the Mexican government.


2 thoughts on “Secularization of the Missions”

  1. The missions had a big impact on the California Indians, with a few adopting to mission ranching and thousands dying during the roughly 50 year Spanish period. The Spanish Missions never got much more than 30 miles from the ocean, both for contact with ships and for the possibility of escape in the event of an attack. There is a lot to discuss about the beginning of California as mission territory.

  2. The Mission Period is a fascinating subject for in-depth study. So is its lasting influence into modern times. For example, the original Carmichael Presbyterian Church building (1927) was modeled after Mission San Juan Batista. More posts to come about the California missions.

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