Runaway Stage Horse

Years after the railroad came through Amador County the stagecoach was still a primary transportation mode—and stage horses were still high-strung. In November 1900, the Amador Ledger informed its readers of a stage wagon mishap in colorful terms: “Last Sunday evening as the baggage wagon of the Raggio Stage Line between Jackson and Ione was coming around the corner at the old tool house near town, one of the horses became frightened, and a mix-up was the result. Al Podesta was handling the ribbons, but he could not hold the team. They began to run, and came in contact with a barbed wire fence. One of the horses is known to be a high kicker, and took advantage of the occasion to do a turn. The harness was broken, and one of the lines parted at the bit. The frightened animal, finding himself free, turned and ran back to Martell Station where he was caught. Help from town was called by telephone, and a wagon was taken out and the baggage and broken wagon brought in. Both horses were somewhat injured, but the driver was not hurt.”


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