Pioneer Brewmaster Peter Cadel

wheat field

German immigrant Peter Cadel arrived at Sutter’s Fort from San Rafael on July 14, 1847.  Exactly where he first settled in the Sacramento Valley is unknown, but he was engaged in crop growing for which he hired John Sutter’s Indian employees Witash and Hipolito, and borrowed Sutter’s ploughs and other farming equipment. Cadel was the plaintiff in a trial that took place at John Sinclair’s Rancho del Paso two miles northeast of Sutter’s establishment on March 30, 1848, after an Indian named Salinas stole Cadel’s horse, a trial for which John Sutter was called as a witness just before gold rushers began swarming into the region. Peter Cadel founded Sacramento’s first brewery in 1849, on land he purchased from John Sutter only 100 yards from Sutter’s once-vital trading post, at the north-east corner of 28th & M Streets (Capitol Avenue today), in a “neat frame house” he constructed for that purpose. Cadel owned other Sacramento parcels as well, including two lots on I Street between Third and Fourth.  Successful from the start, Cadel’s Galena Brewery, which probably only produced 6 to 8 barrels in the beginning, outlasted practically all of his future competitors through the next several decades.


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