Gold Towns: Mokelumne Hill

Founded in 1848 by a group from Oregon, Mokelumne Hill was one of the richest gold mining towns in California. According to legend, the placers were so rich that early miners risked starvation rather than leave their claims to head to Stockton for supplies. By 1850 the town was one of the largest in the area, with a diverse Continue reading Gold Towns: Mokelumne Hill

Gold Towns: Michigan Bluff

A group of sailors were the first to find rich diggings near this ridge in 1848. The next year, hundreds of miners trekked over the rugged mountain trails.  Rich discoveries were found in El Dorado Canyon and along the bars of the Middle Fork of the American River—so in 1850, a general stampede to the area began. Continue reading Gold Towns: Michigan Bluff

Gold Towns: Marysville

No gold was found inside the township, but there was plenty of it in the rivers and tributary creeks that surrounded it. Situated in the fork where the Yuba and Feather Rivers converge, the location was strategic; a natural stopping point for the riverboats from Sacramento and San Francisco that brought prospectors to the Continue reading Gold Towns: Marysville