Good Friday

During the Mission Period in California (1769-1833), when Catholic priests of the Franciscan order established 21 religious outposts which were meant to expand the influence of the  Spanish Empire—and through the 27 years when the Republic of Mexico owned California—Good Friday and Easter were observed as two of the most auspicious days in the Christian calendar.  For them, Good Friday was a day of fasting and penance but it was also observed with prayer, religious ceremonies, solemn processions and passion plays, and celebrated with special foods such as a bean and grain soup, and holiday breads flavored with raisins, cinnamon, cloves and cheese. Tomorrow, April 19, is Good Friday in 2019, although these dates vary from one year to the next on a calculation based on the cycle of the full moon on both the Gregorian (western) and Julian (eastern) calendars.


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