The Cemetery at Sloughhouse

Jared Sheldon, a carpenter by trade, officially received a Mexican land grant of 22,130 acres along the Cosumnes River in 1844, and divided the grant with his friend and partner William Daylor. The men married sisters Sarah and Catherine Rhoads in 1847, and settled down as husbands, farmers and ranchers. Unfortunately, they were among the first adults to be buried in the family graveyard situated between their respective homes: Daylor died of cholera in October 1850 and Jared Sheldon was killed by angry gold miners in 1851. Over the ensuing decades deaths from disease, accidents, and childbirth filled the small cemetery with the remains of family members, neighbors, hired hands, and the occasional traveler. Today the Sloughhouse Cemetery contains more than 167 graves (some unmarked locations are unknown); a poignant reminder of pioneer life in early California. Currently fenced, the Sloughhouse Pioneer Cemetery can only be visited by appointment.


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