Gold Towns: Nevada City

In the summer of 1848 James Marshall, the discoverer of gold at Coloma, decided to pan for gold at Deer Creek, a tributary of the Yuba River. He found a few grains; nothing phenomenal or even exciting, and went away disappointed. But the next year, reports told of miners who pulled a pound of gold a day from deposits Continue reading Gold Towns: Nevada City

Gold Towns: Marysville

No gold was found inside the township, but there was plenty of it in the rivers and tributary creeks that surrounded it. Situated in the fork where the Yuba and Feather Rivers converge, the location was strategic; a natural stopping point for the riverboats from Sacramento and San Francisco that brought prospectors to the Continue reading Gold Towns: Marysville

Lotta Crabtree

At eight years old, talented Lotta Crabtree was a potent box office attraction all over northern California—a red-haired, merry-eyed child blessed with an irrepressible laugh. She charmed toughened gold miners, and everyone else, with her singing, dancing, and comedy.  Some of her Irish songs and dance steps were learned Continue reading Lotta Crabtree