Pioneer Women: Eliza Gregson

covered wagonAs a young teenager, English-born Eliza Marshall emigrated to the United States with her family, settling in Rhode Island. At nineteen she wed James Gregson, a blacksmith by trade. A year later the couple moved to Illinois, but Eliza wanted no part of working in the cotton mills, and feared her husband “wasn’t stout enough” for heavy blacksmith’s work. Indeed, James was often ill Continue reading Pioneer Women: Eliza Gregson

Pioneer Women: Sarah Wallis

White RoseNineteen-year-old Sarah Montgomery and her husband Allen were members of the Stephens-Murphy-Townsend Party, the 1844 wagon train that was the first company to bring wagons over the Sierra Nevada. After weeks of arduous travel, and months spent at a temporary camp near the Yuba River, Sarah and several Continue reading Pioneer Women: Sarah Wallis

San Francisco is Born

IMG10At the opening of 1847 the little hamlet known as Yerba Buena sat perched on a sheltered cove in San Francisco Bay. For a hundred years sailors had agreed it was the greatest harbor on earth, capable of comfortably accommodating all of the assembled navies of all of the nations of the world. As things were, it rarely harbored Continue reading San Francisco is Born