Stanislaus County Then & Now

Stanislaus - Knights FerryStanislaus County was organized in 1854 from the western portion of Tuolumne County but its triangular northeastern portion, which includes Knights Ferry, was annexed from San Joaquin County in 1860. It is named in honor of Chief Estanislao, a mission- educated Indian who led a band of his people in a series Continue reading Stanislaus County Then & Now

Sonoma County Then & Now

Sonoma Cnty Fort RossWhen it was established in 1850 Sonoma County was home to a few native Californios, and a larger number of Americans and Europeans who had settled there after trying their luck in the gold fields.  Comprised of coastal plains and three valleys divided by hills and mountains, the county contained the former Mission San Continue reading Sonoma County Then & Now

Solano County Then & Now

Solano CountyEstablished in 1850 as one of California’s original 27 counties, Solano’s boundaries have changed but little in the intervening years.  In 1850 it had seven ranches and two towns: Benecia, its first county seat, and Vallejo.  The ranches were Los Ulpinos, Rancho Suisun, Rancho Tolenas, Rancho Los Putos, and Rancho Rio de Continue reading Solano County Then & Now

Siskiyou County Then & Now

Siskiyou Cnty Mt. ShastaSiskiyou County was created in 1852 from sections of Trinity and Shasta counties and a portion of Klamath County (an entity established in 1851 but disestablished in 1876), whereupon Siskiyou’s border was extended farther west. It is named for the Siskiyou mountain range.  Since 1851, when gold was discovered at Continue reading Siskiyou County Then & Now