Tulare County Then & Now

Tulare Cnty Kings Canyon natl parkCarved out in 1852 from a portion of Mariposa County, Tulare County is named for a lake discovered in 1772 by Spaniard Pedro Fages.  Because the lake he saw was filled with cattail-like reeds and surrounded by marshes, he named it Los Tulares (the tules).  Once the largest freshwater lake west of the Great Lakes until it was Continue reading Tulare County Then & Now

Tehama County Then & Now

Tehama - Red Bluff RoundupTehama County was organized in 1856 from parts of Colusa, Butte, and Shasta counties.  “Tehama” is believed to be an Indian word, but authorities disagree on the meaning, which has variously been interpreted as “high water,” “low land,” “salmon,” or “shallow.” Peter Lassen had owned the Rancho Bosquejo, Continue reading Tehama County Then & Now

Stanislaus County Then & Now

Stanislaus - Knights FerryStanislaus County was organized in 1854 from the western portion of Tuolumne County but its triangular northeastern portion, which includes Knights Ferry, was annexed from San Joaquin County in 1860. It is named in honor of Chief Estanislao, a mission- educated Indian who led a band of his people in a series Continue reading Stanislaus County Then & Now